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Been a while since i updated here, I guess a lot has gone down since. My first year of university is over now and apparently it only gets tougher as the years go by. I'm constantly wondering why i am doing this degree, my interest in law comes and goes i suppose, I feel very inadequate when i am not interested, as there are so many people here that are hell-bent on becoming lawyers and i can't even answer the question of what i want to do for a career?! The answers wavers as much as it did when i was a child. Maybe I could do them all! and die of exhaustion at age 50? Lol

ATM I am at my relatives in Sri Lanka, it's a really long vacation (>month) and since it's a place I have been to one jillion times I am utterly bored here. Unfortunately for me the cousin I am sharing my room with does not say a word to me - no love for people who can't make conversation. I'm restricted in terms of going out as I am not familiar with the local area and then there's issues of safety and all. So yes, housebound and being ignored is not a pleasant way to spend a couple of months, lol. Fortunately though, I managed to get an brief internship at KPMG, which steals away most of my time, plus a month-long gym membership at a hotel just nearby. Got to say, I enjoy working more than studying, the latter of which I have always had difficulty with, regarding concentration.

I am truly homesick nonetheless..I miss certain luxuries and certain people.

Not sure what else to say. internet connection is pretty poor here, i'm using my cousin's dongle..which i don't want to abuse too much so I'm off.

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