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 While I'm waiting for some files to be uploaded.. I'll gripe about my life here.  Law school is so, so hard. I don't know why I willingly accepted a life of constant cut-throat competition. it should basically be called "school for future assholes" (I'm already one lolol), though it's probably 10x worse at USYD and UNSW. I'm putting more of an effort on my extracurricular stuff just to take my mind away from all the stress, but I think my commitments there give me even more stress XD Well I do have money at least, though the pull of the material world is strong. Trying so hard to slow down on the pokeymons. I promised once I wouldn't want plush, and then suddenly irresistible customs, muskedeers, minky hoenn starters come out of fuckin nowhere!
Kind of trying (and failing) to control the flea infestation. Do not want this stress ever again. This incident has also made me reconsider ever keeping a pet when I'm independent. Although this particular infestation was due to another person's negligence, not mine, I can see now that with all my other commitments (plus the time I would have to devote to housekeeping, cooking, etc) I would not be able to maintain a healthy animal along with myself. I really envy those people who can coexist and get a lot of love from their pet. But I guess I'm just too self-centered independant.

On top of that, I cleaned and dusted my entire house on the weekend, and now I'm in allergy hell :( So hard to concentrate on studying for 3 exams on friday. 
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 My holiday is almost over :( don't wanna go back to school! Computer has been fixed, although the new screen has a single dead pixel in the corner. I can't really be bothered to get another one..it's not that intrusive..and now it is flickering lol. The stomach bug I got from my vacatiion wasn't a bug at all - all my tests came back clear. I did take a PPI which really helped. It was most likely a stress related thing - that trip was really quite a dark period for me for reasons i don;t wish to divulge - happens every holiday season. 

Really need to buy new clothes..haven't bought clothing in about a year now, and I have lost so much weight from the stomach trouble, so my existing clothes don't even fit anymore. On the other hand I should be saving now for at least the house deposit, that is if my father is willing to help me out on that aspect......grrrrrrrrr what stupid individual convinced me it was a good idea to come out to those ignoramuses??
Looking forward to seviper at least :D

Finally got Amy Winehouse's posthumous album...there are some great songs in there, namely the orig. Tears Dry. Not to sound like a massive fanboy, but there is seriously nothing subpar that she has created. all very listenable. I LOATHE mark ronson though, he shits his inflated-ego instrumentals all over her voice.
Oh and RuPaul's coming to syd. a dance party, one night only..which makes me think, it's been so long since I've been doing the clubbing thing. I'm so young and already weary of it..weary speaking to drunk people mostly. Tix are 80$...time to save up!


Jul. 1st, 2011 02:13 am
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Damn, I've forgotten about this blog. Well I might as well get posting now.
It's my break from uni, yet I feel more tired every day than I do during the semester. I'm not pleased with how fast the days and hours go by either, I mean just looking at the time now in the taskbar it's 1:46 AM and already July. All I've done for the past hour (or two?) is listen to EWF live videos and type this entry, I don't feel sleepy at all.

I do plan to post some drawings from time to time, to at least help me get over my phobia of sharing art. Of course, the extent of my drawing have been doodles in oekaki, or on MS Paint, when the internet is crappy. Look out for those!


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