Jul. 24th, 2012

izzo: (Dahlia)
Wow, I haven't blogged in this (public) blog for a while now. What has changed..? not much actually. 
I am deeply considering a career change though, and I am still not sure how that is going to pan out. It's towards science..i suppose one way of doing it is switching from business to science and keeping my LLB just for safekeeping. Universities are awfully bureaucratic, heheh, they don't often accommodate for wacky cases like mine.

The depression was managed for a while..and then it sort of crept up behind when I least expected it (during holiday season -.-). I just feel that my will to die will never leave me, and things like medication, therapy and social support are just delaying the inevitable. There will ALWAYS be something about me that I detest to my core, and I can't see myself ever fully regaining my zest for life.

anyway..onto brighter topics.. pokemon luv is still going strong - especially with the new Black & White 2! Yes, like many I was initially apathetic about it, but playing it now it is a thousand times more enjoyable than the previous iteration. It's everything the first version should have been. And thank god for less N XD I can't be the only one who couldn't care less for that dude. 
I am up to the Pokemon League (didn't even bother dealing with them in Black 1 - the one post game I mean) with my team of:

DRILZ - Lv 65 Excadrill <- best ever
チンポ - Lv 55 Serperior who needs any other starter?
IRON - Lv 49 Magnezone I love this evolution line!
??? - Lv 47 Starmie yeah I was stuck for names 
FYEAH - Lv 35 Braviary LOL but he is surprisingly strong! hence being on the team.
ビショウネン - Lv 47 Lucario - I don't care for Lucario but again, he is strong.

Am I ready? Are my (poke)ballz ready? Hell yeah.

Art wise, I am at least doodling some characters and blahh, can't be bothered to elaborate. =)

I FINALLY spoke to Ocean after...quite literally months. We borked our phones around the same time. He is easing off work when I'm back at school.  We suck at coordination.  
I never thought a person could make me feel so relaxed and peaceful just from the sound of their voice.

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