May. 2nd, 2012

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Ahh, this is the first time I've actually physically attended my Marketing lecture - I just looked at online lectures until now - and everyone with a computer is on FUCKING FACEBOOK. I really mean everyone. (Except for one dude looking at gifs/memes on imgur) why do people even bother coming and learning if they're going to just socialise online the entire time. I *tried* to revive my account on there to join a group but I lost interest within a day XD Facebook is the same drama filled shit it always was.

I had a more serious topic on mind last night, when I couldn't sleep, but I'm not in the mood right now.. so tired and jittery from caffeine right now haha. Speaking of the insomnia... I'm trying out Valerian root, I bought some supps today.. it should ideally help out with the anxiety as well. i really want something with a knockout effect, but not sleeping pills..

EDIT: Well I tried it out last night. Started to feel drowsy about 30 minutes after taking it, so I tried to go to sleep (11pm - 2 hours earlier than my usual bedtime). Wasn't able to fall asleep for perhaps an hour? I was wide awake at 6AM (without tea/coffee). No morning drowsiness. 
Conclusion: it works somewhat. Did not really help with falling asleep (so far), but in spite of the short sleeping time, I was able to wake up alert. It was a big difference from the night before!!

also, I should bring stunfisk with me to snooze with during my power naps at college..he needs a name: FLATzo?
Also requested some icons from djinni, after a long time of wondering where people were getting those nice watercolour icons. It was a big reminder for me to really DRAW more of my OCs. It's so hard given my current state, but I have to keep trying, at least for the sake of having decent references for people.. :/

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